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We are devising novel engineered systems that integrate humans, machines, and information technologies to enhance products, services, quality, efficiency, and resilience. With a focus in our academic programs on medicine, health, energy, security, operations optimization, and supply chains, an IE scholar is well prepared for future societal global challenges. Be part of UH IE.

Research Excellence

Healthcare and Medical Decision Making
An important aspect of healthcare is analyzing how decisions are made, when they’re made, and who they’re made by. The complexities of this are often...
Community Resilience and Homeland Security
As more and more of the world urbanizes, it is important to make sure that production chains are protected. IE at the University of Houston has a...
Energy and Power Systems
A modern city is only as strong as its energy grid, the literal fuel that gets everything else to “go.” Researchers at the Cullen College of...
Reliability and Maintenance
State of the art technology has state of the art needs. Students at UH learn how to create with the latest tech, and then, how to maintain it too.
Distribution and Logistics
Our world is now built on interconnected links of supply and demand, of multi-purpose corporations providing a wide variety of goods and services....
Additive Manufacturing
Most goods can now be created with a dizzying amount of materials, with finishes and alloys of all properties. Learn the proper decision-making and...
Data Analytics
How do you maximize efficiency for your newly established supply chain? How can you properly weigh maintenance vs. replacement? Data must be...

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The W.T. Kittinger Teaching Excellence Award is traditionally the highest teaching award given in the College. It recognizes outstanding teaching and service to students. This year's recipient is Di Yang of Mechanical Engineering.

The Cullen College of Engineering at the University of Houston and Dr. Joseph W. Tedesco, Ph.D., P.E., the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Endowed Chair and Dean, are pleased to share the 2020-21 Faculty and Student Excellence Award winners.

The initial announcement was made during the virtual Spring 2021 State of the College Address on May 4.

23 honored with 2020-21 Faculty and Student Excellence Awards
A group of 21 students from the Cullen College of Engineering have been selected for the University of Houston's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships.

The Cullen College of Engineering is proud to announce that 21 undergraduate students have been selected for the University of Houston's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), according to the Honors College.

21 Cullen College students receive SURF opportunities
Daryl Santos, Ph.D., graduated with his Masters and doctorate in Industrial Engineering from UH in 1990 and 1993, respectively. Santos was recently promoted to Distinguished Service Professor at Binghamton University, the highest faculty rank that SUNY awards.

An alumnus of the University of Houston's Cullen College of Engineering has been promoted to the position of Distinguished Service Professor of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering, building on the teaching experience he first acquired through the connections he made as a graduate student at UH.

Alum Santos promoted to Distinguished Service Professor at Binghamton

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