Industrial Engineering

Ergonomics / Safety Laboratory

Ergonomics / Safety Laboratory

In the Ergonomics/Safety laboratory, a basic six-channel physiograph recorder with heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, and portable oxygen consumption meter is employed in work physiology analysis. Biomechanical analysis equipment includes a human strength evaluation system, treadmill, ergometer, and human anthropometric measurement instruments. A flicker-fusion meter, discriminative reaction time apparatus, two arm coordination tester, and an automatic scoring mirror tracer all facilitate psychomotor tests. The spectra spotmeter is used to measure illumination levels and contrast. An octave band analyzer kit is available for noise analysis. The WBGT-heat stress monitor is used to measure the thermal living and working environment.

Some of the major ergonomics laboratory equipment holdings are as follows:

  • Basic Six-channel Physiograph Recorder
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Portable Oxygen Consumption Meter
  • Jackson Strength Evaluation System
  • Martin-type Anthropometer
  • Microcomputer Interface for Data Collection
  • Flicker-Fusion Meter
  • Discriminative Reaction Time Apparatus
  • Automatic Scoring Mirror Tracer
  • Mobile Vocational Equipment
  • Spectra Spotmeter
  • Octave Band Analyzer
  • WBGT-Heat Stress Monitor

Additionally, a package of PC based software in Ergonomics and Expert Systems has been developed by industrial engineering faculty. Software tools include Simple, Choice, Donder's C Reaction Time Simulator, Perception Sensory Discrimination, EASY, VITAL, PWSI, and SAFECON.