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Drone Technology for Monitoring

James Stafford

Mr. James Stafford will present how Areolift can increase the productivity, reduce costs and lower risks in operations for their customers.


James Stafford is the CEO and Founder of AeroLift eXpress, LLC, Houston, TX. 

AeroLift eXpress is a one-of-a-kind unmanned transportation system with advanced payload capabilities and long endurance. The mission of AeroLift eXpress is to provide powerful unmanned transportation systems to safely and efficiently reach the world’s most inaccessible places. AeroLift harnesses the advanced technologies of the United States military drone programs. Drawing from these capabilities, it has formed a system of aircraft and terminals that can access the most remote locations on the globe. Whether travelling hundreds of miles over the Gulf of Mexico or providing anti-tampering monitoring to West African nations, this uncompromising technology is now available to clients in the private sector.