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Graduate Scholarships

Announcement of IE Scholarships

The Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Houston has several scholarships to offer both undergraduate and graduate students. The list of IE scholarships can be found HERE

Eligibility Criteria

Scholarships are awarded to qualified IE students based on merit.

  • Enrolled in and major in IE for one full semester
  • Full time undergraduate or graduate student
  • Maintain Cumulative 3.0 GPA or better in IE courses
Application Process

A scholarship application requires submission of the following materials:

  1. Graduate Scholarship Application Form (PDF)
  2. Copy of recent resume
  3. One letter of recommendation
  4. Copy of the most recent unofficial transcript

The scholarship application packet is to be submitted to Ms. Sharon Hall, who will forward the packets to the scholarship committee after the application deadline. Only one application is needed to apply for the various scholarships. Awardees will be notified by email.

All students must meet eligibility requirements to qualify for Industrial Engineering scholarships. Minimum GPA is 3.0. Students must also maintain minimum 3.0 GPA during award period.


Agrawal Association of America Scholarship

Agrawal Association of America Graduate Scholarship Application