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Industrial Engineering FAQs

  1. Where can I obtain information and an application to your graduate program? 
    All relevant information is on the Graduate Program Admissions page.
  2. What documents are needed for admission?
    Please follow the appropriate checklist designed for you on the Graduate Program Admissions page.
  3. Does the department have an application deadline?
    Yes. It varies from semester to semester. Please note that the department has a different deadline than the University. Note that International Spring deadline is September 1st and Fall deadline is April 1st.
  4. Does the department waive the application fee?
    No. The application is not waived.
  5. How do I pay for my application fee if I could not pay it online? Send an email to cedwards4 [at] (cedwards4[at]uh[dot]edu) the graduate office for further instructions.
  6. Is there a different application for assistantship?
    No. If you are awarded assistantship, you will be contacted by letter from the department chair. Note: Masters are not accepted for assistantship.
  7. What is the institution code for UH so that ETS will report GRE and TOEFL scores? Is the department code needed? How long until the department receives my scores?
    The code for UH is 6870. No department code is needed since the university will be obtaining your scores. ETS will send your report of scores anywhere from 7-14 days. The timeline for the university to download your scores for the department to review them is anywhere from 4-6 weeks. However, the dept. will accept student copies of scores that are uploaded to your UH account.
  8. What kind of GRE is needed for your program?
    A general GRE exam.
  9. Can GRE or TOEFL exam be waived? No. It is different for each applicant. The GRE must be taken by all interested applicants. For international or permanent resident students, the TOEFL exam is required unless you have an undergraduate degree from a U.S. institution.
  10. What are the minimum GRE and TOEFL scores?
    Please review the Graduate Program Admissions page for updated requirements.
  11. Can a part of my previous GRE & TOFL scores be combined?
    No. The department can only accept the most current test scores obtained
  12. What should I do if I do not meet the minimum GRE and TOFL scores required by the department?
    You will have to retake your exams and reapply for admission, pay the application fee again and notify the department that you will submit updated scores when complete.
  13. How do I find out about the tuition and fee costs for your program?
    For estimated costs, please review the following website:
  14. How do I check on my application status?
    Once department has completed processing your application, you can log in at All updates will be noted in your student section.
  15. How long does it usually take for the department to have a decision on my application?
    All decision for fall admission are made between April-July. For international students April-July. Permanent US residents April-June. All decision(s) for Spring are made between September-December. For international students September-December. Permanent US resident September-November.
  16. Can I apply for a Ph.D. with only a bachelor’s degree?
    Yes. But all admissions documents including financial documents must be uploaded to your UH account at the time of your application submission.
  17. Can I apply to more than 1 major at the same time?
    No. However, you may request your file to be transferred to the secondary major department for a review after receiving a decision from the primary department.
  18. Can I apply to your graduate program with an undergraduate degree different than Engineering?
    Yes. That may be possible if your undergraduate degree is closely related to I.E. (Business). Also, leveling courses may be assigned.
  19. May I submit my credentials for an evaluation prior to actually applying?
    No. The department will not conduct a pre-evaluation of credentials or comment on admissions decisions until we review the whole application package.
  20. How do I contact the person in charge of the graduate admissions process?
    You can contact the dept. office of admissions via email at cedwards4 [at] (cedwards4[at]uh[dot]edu) and also the Director of the Graduate of Admissions, Professor May Feng at qmfeng [at] (qmfeng[at]uh[dot]edu).
  21. How long does the dept. keep my file? May I request submitted information to be returned?
    Your file will be kept for one year. Contact the department via email to obtain guidelines on how to update your file. Once original documents are submitted to department they will not be returned.
  22. Will I need to submit a new application and fee after one semester?
    Yes. With updated versions of all financial documents.
  23. In the MSIE/Ph.D. degree objective, one needs an advisor to be considered for admission. May I contact the faculty member prior to applying?
    No, however, still have your application materials submitted prior to department deadlines. 
  24. May I enroll as a Non Degree Objective (NDO) student?
    International students on F1 visa may not enroll as an NDO. Others may apply; however, admission requirements and deadlines are the same as for degree-seeking students.
  25. What kind of financial support is available?
    The department offers Teaching Assistantships (TAs) and Research Assistants (RAs). TAs assist in undergraduate laboratories, grade homework and may assist with teaching classes. RAs assist an individual faculty member with their research projects. Obtaining financial support is highly competitive, and is exclusively reserved for students seeking a research-oriented degree, with preference for Ph. D. candidates.
  26. How many courses/credit hours may I request for the transfer from another institution once I have been approved for graduate admission?
    Students may request 2 courses/ 6 credit hours for transfer from another institution. Courses should have not been used to obtain a previous degree.
  27. How long is a master’s degree program?
    Please see Graduate Degree Programs.
  28. How long is Ph. D. program?
    Please see the Doctor of Philosophy Program.
  29. What are my chances for admission when my grades and scores are below the minimum guidelines?
    The department evaluates and determines a decision based on all submitted documents.
  30. Do I have to submit for another application fee if I have already paid during the on-line application process?
    You do not need to pay for application fee if you have paid and received confirmation of payment through your credit card.
  31. Once admitted, do I need to attend orientation?
    Yes. Orientation is mandatory for all graduate students. In attending, you will be advised and enrolled for courses as well as be introduced to dept. guidelines that will assist you in your years of study.
  32. What is DSTF?
    A Doctoral Student Tuition Fellowship that provides supported Ph.D. students with reimbursement of resident and designated tuition charges. One of the requirements for receiving the fellowship, is the student must be financially supported by the dept. or college in addition there are to other requirements that must be met as well.
  33. What is the Graduate and Professional Student Petition?
    It is used when there are special circumstances that a currently enrolled student would like for the dept. to review on a case by case basis.
  34. What is an academic stop?
    An academic stop is placed on a student’s record when he/she does not follow the guidelines given by the dept. over time or when the cumulative grade point average (GPA) is below the minimum requirement 3.00. They are placed on your account each semester and are removed upon advising for the semester.
  35. I was an undergraduate student at UH, must I attend the Academic Honesty seminar as a graduate student?
    Yes. All students regardless whether they graduated from UH or not must attend the seminar.
  36. Which deadlines should I follow since there are so many of them?
    The department deadlines are crucial and should be followed so deadlines at the college and university’s level can be met.
  37. Which guidelines should I follow when my advisor is a joint faculty?
    A student should first abide by the guidelines and instructions set forth by the enrolling department (Department of your major).
  38. Can I defer admission?
    Yes. If you were admitted for the accepting semester and choose not to come you can defer the following semester. If after the deferring semester you are still a “No Show” you will have to make another application payment of $75.00 international and $25.00 domestic.
  39. Can I defer if I was denied?
    No. You would have to reapply and pay the application fee again. Also, resubmit any new test scores, resumes, reference letters and bank documents.
  40. When should I apply for the Reduced Course Load (RCL)?
    Before the beginning of your graduating semester, it is only allowed once, with a minimum of 3 hours. RCL paperwork is located in the Industrial Engineering Office E206
  41. Can I apply for OPT?
    Yes. OPT is conducted in final semester upon graduation, paperwork is located at the International Student Service Center, in room 302 of the Student Service building 1.
  42. When can I apply for CPT?
    You can only apply for CPT after your first year at the University and can only be done in the summer. You must apply at ISSO, located in 302 of Student Service Building 1.
  43. How long will it take to get my diploma?
    It takes approximately 6-8 weeks from the close of the term graduation date. If you have yet to receive it by that time frame please notify the Register Office on campus at the Welcome Center Bldg.
  44. How do I check the status of my diploma?
  45. How do I apply for graduation?
    Every student must apply online through their UH self-service account. Also, before applying you must see the Graduate Director, qmfeng [at] (Dr. Feng) for signing of your completed degree plan.



All graduate advising is mandatory upon admission into the program in Industrial Engineering and prior to each semester registration. All students must schedule an appointment with the graduate director, qmfeng [at] (Dr. Feng) and she will review all student records, and discuss the future plans of the student, as well as prepare your degree plan. If you are a MSIE/Ph.D. student, you must meet with your thesis advisor to go over your academic advising.