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Game-theoretic models for leasing and maintenance outsourcing contracts

Dr. Maryam Hamidi, Assistant Professor of Department of Industrial Engineering at Lamar University

There is a major trend that manufacturers sell their ‘service’ instead of selling their goods and products to customers. Two of the major services provided are leasing and warranty. In this work a leasing contract is studied from different aspects of reliability-based maintenance and supply chain contracting. The results of the research show that the manufacturers can increase their own profit by offering price discount to the customers.


Maryam Hamidi is an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Lamar University. Her research interests include Reliability Engineering, Failure Data Analysis, Game Theory, and Maintenance Optimization. She has published her research in top journals and proceedings of conferences, in the area of reliability engineering. Applications of her research include supply chain service contracts such as leasing and warranty contracts. She is a certified reliability professional awarded by ReliaSoft corporate. She was a recipient of the Student-Faculty interaction grant awarded to an instructor who makes a big class feel smaller.