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Enhancing Trust in Cloud-based Supply Chains

Dr. Liang-Chieh (Victor) Cheng, Associate Professor, College of Technology, University of Houston
D3 W122

Cloud computing is emerging to be a popular technology to develop supply chain-wide Information & Communication Technology (ICT) systems. The present research conducts a field study regarding the impact of cloud computing services on supply chain management. The research first proposes an innovative, multi-layered architecture of the Trust Management System (TMS) under a complex supply chain environment. Secondly, the researchers perform a field study for Trust Management in action in a healthcare supply chain. The researchers apply the Action Research technique to evaluate the development of TMS of a cloud computing platform provider, where the researchers are directly involved in the case company's operations and supply chain interactions. The healthcare supply chain setting of the present research includes: the Cloud service providers, hospitals, medical supplies vendors, and shippers. Overall, the findings and innovations gained by this project add to the knowledge base of supply chain management that help supply chain organizations and professionals to prepare for the next-generation supply chain-wide IT adoption across organizational boundaries.


Dr. Liang-Chieh (Victor) Cheng is an Associate Professor in Supply Chain & Logistics Technology in the College of Technology at University of Houston. He received his Ph.D. in supply chain management and business logistics from University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Cheng earned his MS in Traffic Management and BBA in Transportation Engineering & Management from National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan. Dr. Cheng’s research domains pertain to strategic logistics and supply chain management, interorganizational communication and information systems, transportation and air quality management, and clean vehicle technologies. Dr. Cheng’s research has resulted in publications at Decision Sciences, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Transportation Research Forum, Journal of Business Logistics, International Journal of Agile Systems and Management, International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management, Industrial Management & Data Systems, and International Journal of Production Economics.