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Operational Research Methods and Challenges in The Offshore Drilling Services Industry

Luis R. Pereira
D3 W122

The O&G slowdown has been a great opportunity for leading companies to position themselves toward technology leadership to deliver new and improve value to the ecosystem. In the drilling services space this means bringing material performance improvements, quantifiable levels of safety integrity and the capability to drive decisions based on hard data. Operational research techniques such as discrete event simulation and critical path analysis are being used to inform technological investments. We will discuss the application of these techniques, along with the challenges to bring them to practice.


Luis R. Pereira is the Technology Manager of Transocean’s Technology and Innovation Group, leading multidisciplinary teams innovating solutions for the offshore drilling industry, improving its reliability, safety, performance and human factors. Mr. Pereira is the author of 19 issued US patents covering diverse domains such as BOP control systems, functional safety devices, pattern recognition systems, virtual sensing and system architectures, with 25 years of experience developing solutions in analytics, automation and communication technologies for several industries. He holds a MSEE and CE from University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin.