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Industrial Engineering in the Optimization and Characterization of Oil and Gas

Evan Morris Engineer Raw Materials Characterization and Modeling
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The oil and gas industry has generally been insular and academically dominated by Chemical Engineering. However the oil industry has many problems that are traditionally handled by industrial engineers, and there is significant opportunity for Industrial Engineering to expand as a more commonly seen discipline within the industry.  In this talk we will discuss two common issues dealt with in oil and gas that many industrial engineers are familiar with, and then discuss some spins on those issues that are unique to the oil and gas industry.


Evan Morris graduated from University of Texas with a BS in Chemistry in 2007.  He then worked for as an Analytical Chemist for Carbon Nanotechnologies Incorporated, a company founded by Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Richard Smalley focused on the development of Carbon Nanotube technology.  In 2010 he began working for ExxonMobil Chemicals working on Polyethylene catalyst technology.  In 2015 he went back to work on his Masters in Industrial Engineering at University of Houston.  On graduating in 2017 he moved to ExxonMobil Research and Engineering working in the Raw Materials Characterization organization.