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Toward Physical Internet Enabled Resilient, Sustainable and Hyperconnected Supply Chain, Logistics, and Freight Ecosystems

Dr.Benoit Montreuil Coca-Cola Material Handling & Distribution Chair the Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering
University of Houston

In this talk, we synthesize key notions underpinning the Physical Internet, provide insights from simulation and optimization experiments on its impact on sustainability and resilience, then describe recent research leveraging and enabling the emerging Physical Internet, designing networks, facilities, operating systems, predictions, and protocols for hyperconnected supply chains, logistics, and freight systems.


Benoit Montreuil is Professor and Coca-Cola Material Handling & Distribution Chair in the Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech where he is Director of the Physical Internet Center, Co-Director of GT-IMT Sentient Immersive Response Networks and Director of the Supply Chain & Logistics Institute. Inventor of the Physical Internet, he is a world-renowned scientist with paradigm-challenging leading-edge contributions shared through 300+ scientific publications, 260+ scientific communications and numerous keynote speeches at international scientific and professional conferences.  

Dr. Montreuil is leading the International Physical Internet Initiative, engaging academic, industry and government leaders worldwide to collaborate toward large-scale testing, implementation, and adoption of the Physical Internet, aiming for order-of-magnitude efficiency, capability, and sustainability improvements in the way demand for physical object access and functionality is fulfilled. He spearheads and leads research and innovation projects on smart, hyperconnected and sustainable logistics, supply chains, transportation, businesses, and regions.