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MIE Degree Program

Master's Degree Program in Industrial Engineering (MIE)

  • 30 semester hours of graduate courses are required for the MIE degree.
  • These requisite degree program hours are in addition to any leveling courses.
  • All MIE students must take INDE 6111 (graduate seminar course) at least once during their studies.


MIE Core Courses

Students are required to take five core courses based on the following options:

  • Students are required to take the following two mandatory core courses:
    • INDE 6372 Advanced Linear Optimization
    • INDE 6333 Probability and Statistics
  • Students are required to take at least one course from each of the following three categories:
    • Category 1
      • INDE 6321 System Safety Engineering  
      • INDE 6337 Human Factors Engineering 
      • INDE 6365 Engineering Economy II
    • Category 2
      • INDE 6334 Predictive Data Analysis
      • INDE 6336 Reliability Engineering
      • INDE 6363 Statistical Process Control
      • INDE 6370 Digital Simulation
    • Category 3
      • INDE 6332 Engineering Project Management
      • INDE 6361 Production Planning and Control
      • INDE 6383 Engineering Design and Prototyping
      • INDE 7390 Supply Chain Management

No more than 6 semester hours of course work applied to this degree may be taken outside the IE Department. However, prior approval by the IE Graduate Program Director is required.

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