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Curriculum Changes

The Industrial Engineering Department has implemented several changes in course names, numbers, and content. This has been done to provide greater accuracy and clarity, and in some cases, to reshuffle content among several courses in a way that better facilitates course presentation. For all IE students, including those pursuing the DLE option, these changes do not alter the number of courses or course hours required for degree completion.

The curriculum changes are as follows:

  1. CHEM 1111: Fundamentals of Chemistry for Engineers Laboratory
    This course replaces CHEM 1117: Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory.
  2. INDE 3362: Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing (formerly INDE 3361: Computer Aided Design)
    This course originally had significant simulation content. That portion of the content is now included in INDE 4370. The CAD/CAM content is being strengthened.
  3. INDE 3364: Engineering Statistics II (formerly INDE 4364)
    This course has been renumbered.
  4. INDE 4370: Discrete Event Simulation (formerly INDE 3370)
    This course has been renumbered. It was first offered in Fall 2000. It includes much of the simulation content that was originally provided in INDE 3361.
  5. INDE 3381: Linear Optimization (formerly INDE 4333: Operations Research II)
    This course is offered in the spring semesters.
  6. INDE 3382: Stochastic Models (formerly INDE 4371: Operations Research I)
    This course is offered in the fall semesters.
  7. INDE 3432: Manufacturing Processes (formerly INDE 3431: Materials Processing I)
    This remains a four-hour course, but the CAM component is moved to INDE 3362. Also this course is not the first course of a sequence.
  8. INDE 4369: Facilities Planning and Design (formerly INDE 4368: Industrial Engineering Design I)
    This course has been renumbered and renamed.
  9. INDE 4364: Big Data Analytics 
    This course was added to BSIE degree plan to replace MECE 2334. It was first offered as Independent Study (INDE 4398) in Spring 2019 and later renumbered to INDE 4364 in Spring 2020.